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Welcome to JT Salons

JT Hair and Beauty Salons for men and women is an Oasis of calm among the bustle of Melbourne. Whether you need to indulge yourself for few hours in the full range of Hair and Beauty treatment or getting yourself ready for a party. We provide all services including Hair styles, Beauty packages, Manicure & Pedicure, waxing, Signature Facial for men and women, Beared Trim with scissor for men and Make up and Hair Do’s.

Reasonable Prices and excellent treatment are simply on affordable price.

The Team at JT Salons is committed to making you Look and Feel Fabulous

About Us

“JT Salons” is a name, which already have fame under the name of "Just Threading”

Just Threading established in March 2013 and till now have spread its roots in various reputed shopping centres in Melbourne and Perth. JT Salon is a concept where we are committed to provide you exactly the same work and quality services but with additional luxurious services from ‘Head to Toe’ from Kids to Men and women under one roof with your respective privacy.

Our Aim is to provide you the best quality services by our qualified Hair stylists and Beauty Therapists.

JT Salons scours the globe to bring our valuable customers the latest trends and the styles to help you discover the perfect look for your special occasion to make it stunning.

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Hair UP'S

Looking for make up Hair up style for a wedding, party or formal occasion, we are here to help you...

Make Up

Looking for make up Hair up style for a wedding, party or formal occasion, we are here to help you...


Threading is the most precise and accurate way to define your eyebrows ....


At JT Salons we care about carrying out waxing in the safest and the most hygienic way. Our....

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions are increasingly getting popular. Though earlier it was more a celebrity special ...


A Facial is an essential beauty requisite. There never is a time that you would not have done ...


To most of you tinting, especially eyebrow tinting is definitely intriguing and fascinating. Since it ...

We Specialize in

>> Eyebrow shaping and facial threading.
>> *Beauty treatments like facial, waxing, eyelash extension, manicure and pedicure
>> *Hair cuts and Hair Treatments.
>> *Special Beard and Hair trim with scissor for men.
>> *Bridal, Day, night and party make up and Hair style.
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