Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions are increasingly getting popular. Though earlier it was more a celebrity special, these days, its interest has caught on and many people are getting eyelash extensions done.

What it essentially does is that it elongates and thickens your existing natural eyelashes. Basically, it adds life and volume and gives your eyes an added attraction and appeal. These Melbourne eyelash extensions are typically made of silk, mink, or even synthetic. And once they are affixed, it looks real, natural, and beautiful! And basically these lash extensions become so you!

The lash extensions come in different sizes and also come with safe and non-toxic glue that does not cause any allergic reaction, irritation or even harm the eyes. They are a perfect accompaniment for your everyday look or even special occasions.

And we have to say this, at Just Threading, we take utmost care and only an experienced, qualified professional engaged in the eyelash extension service. The techniques employed the type of glue, quality and the overall service is exceptional and very professional too.

So if you want a touch of drama, or you just want a very natural look, you can choose from the type of eyelash extensions we have.

If you are convinced, and you reside either in Melbourne, Geelong, or Perth, step into the Just Threading salons for that alluring look thanks to eyelash extensions.