A Facial is an essential beauty requisite. There never is a time that you would not have done a facial. More than it being an exclusive beauty treatment, it has become a necessity to help maintain and balance your skin, especially on your face.

So these days, you go in for a facial as a regular feature, or you are attending a party or a wedding, or you are getting married, or maybe it�s a special occasion that demands a good facial. Or it could be just that you want to enliven your dull-looking skin and face and want to cleanse it off whiteheads and blackheads so as to restore its natural glow or give it an added glow and a boost so you end up looking fresh and attractive!

So if you were asking us at Just Threading what essentially makes up a facial? Or what is a facial? Well, it is a many-step skin treatment that helps clean, exfoliate, nourish, replenish and hydrate your skin and enhance your complexion and gives a neat glow too.

More than it being an exclusive beauty treatment, facials is essential for many numbers of reasons including, stress, exposure to the sun, ageing, busy schedules and changing seasons. And a facial lets you adapt well accordingly.

And there are many different types of facial you can choose from and no facial is complete without a massage and a face mask that suits your skin type.

So, if you want to pamper yourself today or as part of a routine, you want a facial, just step into Just Threading!