In layman�s terms, what is Waxing? Well, waxing is basically a hair removal technique that is partly permanent wherein the hair is removed from its roots. Typically for waxing, hot wax is used so that it is easier and more effective.

A thick hot layer of wax is applied on paper strips or cloth strips and is placed on the areas where waxing is to be done. Waxing is carried out typically on these areas of the body, the hands, under arms, legs, eyebrows, upper lip, chin, back, feet, chest, bikini waxing, and even full body waxing is carried out.

Waxing comes loaded with benefits like a lot of hair is removed at one go and hair removal is faster and swifter. It takes anywhere from 2-8 weeks for the hair to grow back completely. The hair is removed at its roots in a waxing metho as compared to depilatory cream or other methods�. After waxing, a basic tan is removed and the hands feel smooth and nice.

If you are new to Just Threading, we recommend that you try out our Waxing service at least one time! We guarantee you that you will be more than happy with our service and notice the visible difference for yourself! .